The Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship

Hamburg community leaders, Walter and Mabel Fromm, being of one mind in giving back to their community from their own extremely successful businesses, established the Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship Fund. This was made possible by the liquidation of their ownership assets in the Fromm Corporation. The scholarship fund was established in 1976 and created as a living trust, through the sale of $500,000 in Fromm Bros. Inc. stock and was originally funded by the income generated from this half million dollar investment. In 2018, the net worth of the scholarship fund is $3,760,000! This application of funds has lived beyond the life of Fromm Bros. Inc. and was especially dear to both Walter and Mabel. They had no children of their own; however, in a sense all of the scholarship recipients became their adopted children. The success of the Fromm family in the Hamburg area provided the livelihood for a great number of area residents.

The Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship is one of the largest scholarships available at the Athens and Merrill High School’s as well as one of the largest in the State. Students attending Maple Grove School and graduating from Athens High School, with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, are awarded this scholarship, payable each semester for 4 years, while attending an accredited 4-year university or 2-year technical college in Wisconsin.

Since 1976, an estimated $6.5 million have been distributed to students to further their education after high school. 307 of Maple Grove School Alumni have benefited from this incredible gift!






(2018 Net Worth)

This one-of-a-kind scholarship is available only to Maple Grove School students

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