Meet Our Board Members

Peter Fromm Wade


Peter Fromm Wade was born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in the Town of Hamburg, Marathon County. Peter attended Maple Grove School grades 1-6, Trinity Lutheran School grades 7-8 then Merrill Area Public School 9-11. Peter graduated High school from Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI. He attended University Wisconsin Stevens Point and Marathon Campus and graduated from Northcentral Technical College, with an Apprenticeship Plumbing degree. Peter worked in the Plumbing, Soil Testing, and Well industry and is currently employed by Marathon Co. as a Waste Water Specialist. Peter and his wife reside in the Town of Corning, Merrill, WI.

Clayton Neske


Clayton is a founding board member of the Maple Grove Foundation. He grew up in Mequon, Wisconsin and studied Justice and Public Policy and wrestled at Concordia University. His love of history drew him to the Fromm property in Hamburg and the legacy created there. His love of the community compelled him to help preserve that legacy which includes Maple Grove and the Original Fromm Ranch. Clayton is entrusted with the responsibility of the Fromm Farm and Buildings to continue to be persevered and enjoyed for generations to come. Clayton currently resides in Hamburg with his family and his children attend Maple Grove.

Cindy Artus


Cindy Artus has had ties to the Hamburg area since before she was born. Her great-grandfather built his homestead in Hamburg in the late 1800’s. This house is the same house her Mom was born and raised in and Cindy spent every school vacation visiting. As a young child, Cindy remembers driving past the Maple Grove School on her way to her Grandparent’s house, and always saying, “I wish I could go to school there!” After graduating from Merrill High School in 1979 and then from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1983, Cindy returned to the area and married a “Hamburg man”. She and her husband have raised 3 children in Hamburg; their 2 sons attending Maple Grove School and their daughter who is “special needs” and required special education services, attended school in Merrill. At that time special education services were not offered at Maple Grove, however, when Maple Grove became a charter school, special education services are now available. Cindy is a very active proponent of keeping special education available at Maple Grove knowing what it was like not to have a child be able to attend the school in the community where they lived. Both of Cindy’s sons received the Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship and have returned to Hamburg after college graduation and plan to raise a family in the township as well as send their children to Maple Grove. Cindy has been a substitute teacher for Merrill Area Public Schools for 18 years and since 2017 has devoted her availability as a substitute only to Maple Grove School. Ironically, Cindy’s daughter, Emily, although unable to attend Maple Grove School as a student, now volunteers every day in the Kindergarten class room as a classroom aide. Cindy has been helping with the fight to keep Maple Grove School open when it was threatened to be closed in past years and she plans to continue to work hard to keep the doors of this amazing school open for many years to come.

Pam Plisch


Pam was born and raised in Hamburg, Wisconsin. Her Hamburg roots run deep back to when her grandparents moved here over 100 years ago. She attended Maple Grove School for grades K-6 and graduated from Merrill High School in 1985. She received the Walter & Mabel Fromm scholarship for furthering her education at NTC. Pam’s husband, their two children, as well as numerous other family members of hers went to Maple Grove. She is a part of four generations that attended this great rural school. Her two children were also recipients of the Walter & Mabel Fromm Scholarship and both received bachelor degrees in education. Maple Grove has been an important part of her whole life through going there herself, getting involved with her children, and staying involved as an active community member. Pam wishes that the traditions of the “little red schoolhouse” can be continued with current and future students and their families and that this school impacts others’ lives as it has her life.

Annette Neske


Annette, is an actively involved member of the Maple Grove Foundation. She is a wife and mother of three. Two of her children currently attend Maple Grove and her youngest is to join in the near future. Annette grew up in Washington County and did not attend Maple Grove growing up. She was drawn to the area due to her husband’s interest in a work location change and Maple Grove was what finalized their decision to make the move permanent. Annette is currently a stay at home mother, which has given her the opportunity to be involved at Maple Grove through volunteering and as one of the current board members of the Governance Board of Maple Grove Elementary. The charm and genuine comradery of the school has made it an easy transition to the area for her and her family, which she is working to keep available for others seeking the same atmosphere for their family.

Ellen Seliger


Ellen Seliger has lived in Hamburg for the past 25 years. She and her husband, James, have 5 children, all who have attended Maple Grove School. Ellen has had 21 consecutive years with her children attending Maple Grove School, with her last child graduating from 5th grade this past spring, 2019. Ellen was a stay at home mom for many years devoting her time to her family as well as spending a great deal of time volunteering at school and actively participating in the Maple Grove Parent/Teacher Organization serving in various officer positions. For the past 10 years Ellen has been working at Marathon Cheese Corporation in the nearby community of Marathon, WI. Since 2017, she has been the purchasing coordinator for the company. Ellen is passionate about Maple Grove School keeping its doors open, because she knows the value of a small country school, the uniqueness of Maple Grove’s curriculum and would like many other parents to experience the same for their children.

Our Goal

To ensure Maple Grove Charter School continues both now and for generations to come.