The Maple Grove Foundation, Inc.

An (IRC) 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Charity , was formed after a group of concerned Area citizens got together to pursue alternatives other than the diminishing open status of Maple Grove Charter School located in Hamburg (Marathon County), Wisconsin. With a great deal of brain storming, hard work, and generous financial donations the Foundation incorporated on December 7, 2018.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s Mission is to preserve the rich history of Maple Grove; to continue to help the school provide educational excellence through a unique hands-on learning experience in a natural, rural environment.  The Foundation hopes to provide opportunities for children and families from surrounding areas to share in this learning legacy!

Our Vision

The Maple Grove Foundation’s Vision is to focus entirely on supporting, assisting, benefiting, bettering and/or aiding Maple Grove School, in the interest of continuance as a local school and/or charter school through fundraising efforts.

Our Goal

To ensure Maple Grove Charter School continues both now and for generations to come.

Your financial support is crucial and especially now!

Currently, many Public School Districts are experiencing financial challenges. With these challenges there may be decisions made to reduce costs overall district wide. Sometimes reducing costs may lead to diminishing or closing outlying smaller schools. We believe students in outlying rural areas need local schools such as Maple Grove and this is why we need your immediate financial help.

Together we can do this!

Your financial support is of the utmost importance at this time. Together we can ensure the continuance of local education in a unique country environment. Your tax deductible gifts, bequests, devises, and transfers will fund capital improvements, staff enhancements, and children’s educational programming.

Your financial support of this unique learning opportunity at Maple Grove School is appreciated!